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In ancient days it used to be a gulf of the Aegean sea and after separation from the Aegean the resulting lake became calm and tranquil.  Orthodox monks chose the site as a retirement dwelling place because of its beautiful and peaceful nature. You can admire the ruins of the ancient seaside town of Herakleia. A few yards from the lakeside, the ruins of  the ancient port on a little island can be seen.
Additional to the Herakleia ruins, you will be able to see Endymion Temple, Temple of Athena and the ruins of a Byzantine Castle. You will also have lunch of fresh fish or your choice from the menu. After lunch you will go on an impressive boat trip with stunning views of Bafa Lake.


You will see:


* Bafa Lake


* Ancient ruins

* Endymion Temple

* Temple of Athena

* Byzantine Castle

* Boat trip





*Every Tuesday: £20 per person



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